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We're looking for teammates that want more than a paycheck; they want to change the status quo

Sound Your Speed?

Through the Looking Glass

We try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are serious about changing the status quo; we just don't think that means you can't have any fun while doing that. We believe people matter, that fun matters, and that you can make a positive difference without being debt-collector serious all the time. Challenging the status quo starts with being different and thinking differently. We don't care about your demographics; we care about you being your best self. 

Our CEO building our frst better Urban Farm, th Farmlet

Yes, our Founder a bit too happy with that drill...

Our Work Philosphy

We live by three pretty easy ideals:

*If you choose to join us, there are a few more expectations and these three do get some expansion - fair warning 

Do Your Job

We love people that go above and beyond, but don't forget to do your tasked job to the best of your ability. No one enjoys having to do their job and yours; unless you've worked out for them to cover you...

Have Fun

Life without fun is miserable. So, make sure you are having fun, while meeting Ideal 1 there to the left...

Don't be a Jerk

Okay, so no one is perfect here. We get that life happens and we are allowed bad days, but the general ideal here is treat each other well and to avoid the 'phobics,' 'ists,' and hyper-sensitive/over-sensitiveness that kills the fun