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We are currently seeking those interested in being food techs and/or drivers to participate in our beta program in the Greater Seattle Area, and we will be opening additional beta programs in other US cities, as we expand. If you are interested in becoming a a food tech and/or driver, please use the form below to indicate your interest. While, we are starting in the Seattle area, feel free to sign up for additional cities, and your name will be on the top of the list when we begin that expansion. As we are still in start-up mode, slots will be limited, and there may be a gap between your onboarding date and the day when tasks become available.


Also, feel free to sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on our various social media accounts. Some key considerations for becoming a food tech and/or driver are provided below.


By now, most of us have heard of the Uber, Lyft, Bird, and other associated work schedules. Working for us has some similarities, in that you switch on your app when you are available for work. Have an hour between class, time after work, or even want to cover some expenses while on a trip? Switch on the app and take a task local to you. As we add additional Farmlets, the available tasks increase. 


While you pick and choose your availability and only take the tasks you want, we consider everyone part of the employee team. No more worrying about the are you or aren't you issues that are arising in the Uber economy. 


While each task is paid based on the total time worked, unlike many other on-demand labor models, all hourly rates start at a living wage for the area. For example, in the Seattle area, starting hourly rates are $15/hour. Tasks, whether food tech or delivery tasks also have a minimum payment guarantee. This ensures that if you have only a 5 minute delivery, you get paid better than a few pennies.


We also provide referral incentives for team members when they refer personnel, hosts, and even customers. Additionally, a tiered incentive structure will be implemented as we grow. 

Let us know of your interest in a Farm Tech and/or Driver role!
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Seattle; San Francisco; New Mexico