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Locally, naturally, and sustainably grown in Tacoma, WA! These are Full Ounce packages. The typical grocery store sells them in 0.66 and 0.5 ounce packages. 


Great for your favorite dishes or summer beverages!


Mojito Mint offers leaves with a little more spice and zest! They also have a slightly less-overpowering spearmint flavor, making it clearly different from other mints. 


Mojito Mint

SKU: MM-2020
  • Each Container is 100% compostable, including the label! No need to peel the label off, like other packaging! They are certified for use in Cedar Grove composting facilities - Nearest to Tacoma is Maple Valley. Always Check with your local facility to be sure.

    We are also still experimenting with different packaging types. We highly encourage you to leave us a general comment about the package to help us as we sort this out!

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