Revolution Agriculture system licenses

Enabling you to grow everything and maximize your market share

Provide a Customized Farm 

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The Process starts by selecting the preferred fertilization method - hydroponics or aquaponics. 

Hydroponics provides a non-organic method of increasing crop yields. Aquaponics increases yields, organically, and is considered the most efficient fertilizer methods. 


We then design the system to meet your space, fertilization method, crop selections, and desired indoor/outdoor/hybrid environment. If you decide you want to add another type of growing method later, or that you want to increase the size of your system, our design accommodates this.


Our systems also come with the option of IoT integration that allows for management of multiple aspects of the farm through internet enabled devices. Depending on the exact setup, this can include climate control, some automation, and other functions handled through IoT devices.



Next, we determine what crops to grow. The selection will determine which of our patent-pending growing methods are required. Root Vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, tubers, rhizomes, flowers, grasses, even coffee can be selected

Representation of our GUI for our Urban Farm Optimiation Software


The RevoAg Farm Tool (RAFT) is designed to help you quickly see different options for optimizing your farm. Market category selection, customized growing grids, and pricing make use simple and intuitive.


Users select the market closest to them, choose the configuration that meets their system design, and then receives a suggestion of the best crops to maximize revenue under current market pricing. Users are also able to individually select and choose crops to get insight into potential revenue performance of various crop selections.


Based on the initial user selections, RAFT prevents users from selecting crops that either cannot be grown in the existing configuration and it prevents users from selecting crops to grow together that are not compatible.


The software pulls real-time market data to support revenue -based recommendations. Additionally, as users report crop turnover data, this updates the algorithm to ensure the best optimization recommendations. This can include changes in planting density, climate control, and other elements that can increase yields. 


Flat, negotiated fee based on system size, market, and  crop selection

Selection of soil-based, soilless, and cross-pollinated growing modules to enable growing exactly the crops desired

Access to RAFT, where available

Ongoing implementation and technical support

Access to improvements to growing modules, RAFT, and IoT integration

Ability to scale size or add growing modules - increases to annual license fee may occur

Ability to make non-arable land or other spaces capable of growing crops 

Customized farm design to the exact land and/or space that enables revenue maximization

A Revolution Agriculture License helps to improve productivity and

profitability with less land and water requirements. 

An annual license includes:

Evaluation Licenses are available for those interested in testing the system