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Why Host a Farmlet?

Regardless of anyone's belief as to the why, the world needs more food production. The trouble is, though, that food production requires a lot of land, unless it's one of those vertical lettuce factories...But who wants just lettuce and kale smoothies for all of our vegetables? We don't! You, variety; spice of life kinda thing...By hosting a Farmlet, you help us grow more variety in all of our communities because our Farmlets aren't just fancy lettuce boxes. You will be making it possible for your community to have year-round access to a variety of fresh, high-quality, local food all from within 10 Miles. Your community may not give you a cape, but we think you'll have earned one!

There's more than a cape in it for you too. It's pretty simple:

We borrow your extra space/land = You get paid.

No strangers staying and breaking your stuff, no delivering messy, take-out food, or playing soccer parent to a bunch of drunk people; unless you totally want too...

Hosting in 3 Steps


Space requirements, farmlet size options, and general terms




Your farmlet to be delivered and setup on your land



Receive a share of revenue from the sale of produce. We take care of the rest.

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Host FAQ's

Do I qualify to Host?

Hosts must either be the legal owner of the property, or be able to prove that they can legally utilize the space they intend to have a Farmlet placed.

What Size is a Farmlet?

Initially, Farmlets will be available in 8 foot by 20 foot, 8 foot by 40 foot, and 8 foot by 53 foot sizes. As a point of reference, a standard US parking space is 8 feet by 20 feet. As we progress, other sizes will become available.

What do Farmlets Look Like?

Some will look like shipping containers, some will look like upcycled shipping containers, and some will look like She Sheds. As we grow, more of the designs will be available.

Do I have to Farm & Sell Stuff?

Great Question! Simple Answer: Nope, not at all. We take care of both farming and selling to customers. Feel free, though, to also register as a customer and to tell your friends!

What's Access Look Like?

Since we will be taking care of all of the work, the Farmlet will need to be in a place that can easily be accessed by our workforce. Typically, access only occurs during traditional business hours. If you wish to be the labor, please contact us and we can discuss. Also, depending on your exact space, access to a 115V or 240V electrical supply may be required. Contact Us for more details.

Do I get Paid to Host?

Yup. We don't charge you $100k+ like others do. We put a Farmlet on your space, you get a % of the revenue from it. If we have to use your utilities, we pay for what we use. Simple and Awesome!

What if I Move or Need my Space Back?

We come and get the Farmlet from you and find another awesome person or business to host it. We don't require long-term commitments, and we don't lock you into some crazy contracts that suck worse than a root canal to terminate.

How Long to Get My Farmlet

As of 1/1/2020, we are still in our launch phase. Farmlets will take some time for us to deploy. Signing up now does three things: 1) Gets you on the list for your area first, 2) Gives us an idea of where interest is, and 3) Allows us to plan resources accordingly. So, don't be afraid to sign up now!

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