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Want Fresh, Local Produce?

We're your Huckleberry! We want everyone to have access to fresh, local produce all the time. When it's local, it's actually fresh and not picked early or chemically ripened; meaning it just tastes better. When it comes from within 10 miles, it's also better for the environment. Also, year-round, local produce should be more than just lettuce from a Sci-Fi inspired factory.


Food Shouldn't Have to Hike the PCT Trail to get to Your Plate.

Crazy right? So, to recap...Revolution Agriculture = Fresh, high-quality produce grown within 10 miles of you and delivered right to you. 

Ordering in 3 Steps

Local produce from local agiculture farms

Search all of the fresh, local produce available in your area.

Find Local Produce

Vegetable Basket

Decide how much of each item you want and add it to your shopping bag

Bag Your Items

Local Agriculture Delivery

Receive a notification to your device of choice when your order is out for delivery.

Directly Delivered

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Customer FAQ's

Where Do You Deliver?

Our first Farmlet is located near the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. So, first service area is within 10 miles of the University. Our delivery area will expand as more Farmlets come into operation.

CSA? Does that Mean there is a Commitment?

Nope. We aren't your significant other, or your family, or your mobile phone provider. We don't require contracts or committments, unless that's how you roll. Then we can offer you first dibs on what's in stock and a discount. Keep in mind though that we have to limit how many people get dibs, at first. Once we get enough Farmlets growing what you love, we will open up more dibs slots.

What if I want Dibs?

Click that Message Icon at the bottom right and send us a message. We'll give you the fine print.

Do I have to Farm & Sell Stuff?

Great Question! Simple Answer: Nope, not at all. We take care of both farming and selling to customers. Feel free, though, to also register as a customer and to tell your friends!

You aren't Serving my Area; Why Should I Sign Up Now?

It's a chicken and the egg kinda thing. You see, we infant sized in the agricultural game. So, we don't have the resources for days, like others, and we need to put our Farmlets into the areas with people that actually want to buy from us. If we try to Field of Dreams this, we could end up with a lot of wasted food. Wasted food is not good for anyone. By signing up, even when we aren't in your area yet, it helps us see the next best places for Farmlets. Really want one close to you? Hit up all your friends and get them to sign up and tell us!

Are there Order Restrictions?

Simple Answer: Yes. At the beginning, it will work similar to a CSA. In other words, we will have a couple of different sizes of your bag. You will be able to pick your produce that achieves that bag size. As we grow up with more Farmlets in operation in your area, you'll get far more flexibility in your order sizes. We'll keep you posted.

Is the Food Safe?

All of our other jesting aside; yes, our produce is going to predisposed to higher safety outcomes than other forms of agriculture. This is because we don't use synthetic chemicals, GMO's, and we don't foliar spray animal fertilizers onto the leaves. The last seems like a funny thing to say, but one of the primary reasons for bacterial contamination on produce is from animal fertilizer that gets sprayed onto the plants and not washed off well. Also, it's important to note that we predisposed to higher safety outcomes, as opposed to guaranteeing perfection. This is because, while our system eliminates most of the problem children from the equation, we are still working with living organisms and humans and outliers do occur. What we do promise is that we are always working at eliminating every possible cause of safety issues and we will make it right, if something gets by us.

Is it Organic?

Loaded question without as simple of an answer as we prefer. As simple as we can: The stuff we grow is grown organically but it IS NOT certified organic. Sorry for the yelling there, but we have to be a bit serious and pedantic here. You can get way more of the gritty details on our Rants page, but the quick distinction is this: we use organic seeds and starts for everything, and we follow along with organic requirements for what we don't use, but we aren't seeking organic certification for more reasons that are explained on the Rants page, but one major reason is that it is ridiculously expensive - like $100k minimum per Farmlet. This cost always gets passed onto you, and we want you to get better food at better prices. Totally clear, right?

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I Want Fresh, Local Produce
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