We started this journey to make farming more adaptable to the changing world and to be capable of doing more with less resources. This required us to look for the solution to making indoor-based systems capable of growing in soil, growing cross-pollinated crops, and being able to become an indoor/outdoor hybrid. 

Conventional wisdom and academia told us we would not be able to solve these constraints within the bounds of a system that also recycles its water, but we forged on anyway. That desire to break the conventional wisdom resulted in us successfully testing and proving the ability to use an indoor system, outdoors, in soil with 60% less water, as well as faster and greater production. 

We now look to bring this technology to every part of globe, while continuing to find other agriculture constraints and solve them in such a way that we continue to make agriculture more adaptable, sustainable, and capable of meeting ever-growing demands.

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Seattle; San Francisco; New Mexico