Agriculture, Democratized.

Our Vision

Food production should be democratized and decentralized. As world population, pollution, climate change, and other environmental factors reduce our ability to continue growing food, the world needs more local, agricultural spaces capable of grow everything, anywhere. 

We set out to create a farming system and method that removes the constraints from the existing indoor-based farming systems, allowing us to farm every crop, anywhere that we currently or will inhabit in the future.


At Revolution Agriculture, agriculture is going hyper-local, everywhere, eventually even to Mars. 

Our system enables us to grow everything - fruits, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, tubers, even coffee, saffron, and other high value crops. We eliminate the geographic, environmental, and technical limitations associated with traditional farming. 

By removing the inherent constraints from indoor farming-based solutions, we make it possible to grow a full complement of crops, locally - in the middle of anywhere. It also enables the possibility of farming these crops on in space. 

Under the our unique democratized platform, you can make money hosting a farmlet, being a part of our distributed workforce, or by licensing the technology to improve the production of your existing farm

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Seattle; San Francisco; New Mexico

Radish & Soil-based Agtech bed

Revolution Agriculture's first harvest testing our hydroponic/aquaponic soil-based growing bed