Old farming
Once upon a time, food production was close to consumption. As great as this was, it couldn’t feed 8 billion people! It takes too much land and labor. So, it had to change - and it changed.
Modern farm
In many ways, Factory Farming is a technological marvel! It feeds mass populations using less land and labor, enabling people to contribute to society in new ways.

But this advancement in tech, coupled with public policy decisions, created a myriad of unintended consequences.

Icon of a plant growing in dirt
Depleted Soil
Icon with the earth and heatwaves
Climate Change
Icon of a fork with a carrot
Low-Quality Food
Icon of wheelbarrow with money in it
Exploitative Labor
Icon of the sun over a field
Food Deserts
Technology solved one problem
Technology created another problem
Technology must again be the solution

The Farmlet

Icon of a plant, water, and roof to show hydroponics

Hydroponic solutions are EVERYWHERE. During 2020, Venture Capitalists put over $1.6B into them, but what do you see? Lettuce. These systems grow lettuce incredibly well. But, what happens when you flood a market with a single commodity? The price tanks.

Farmlets are actually quite different – they’re new technology, and what everybody is after.

Farmlet Prototype
Rendering of what farmlet might look like
Icon of the sun, cloud and rain
Photo of a barn in snow
Self Contained
Icon of a plant growing in dirt
Photo of a plant starting to grow from the ground
Icon of a checklist and a carrot
Photo of fresh produce with tomatoes, and lettuce, and carrots
Higher Yield
Photo of an elevated view of a parking lot with cars and empty spots
Place Anywhere
Photo of hands of two people holding a bowl of tomatoes
Apart Of Community
Photo of a tractor trailer driving

Farmlets are self-contained, enabling year-round growing, everywhere. They include our patent-pending growing system that uses soil and a self-contained honey-bee component, allowing us to grow everything ... no one has these. Because we control the environment, our soil-quality metrics are off the charts. Farmlets are placeable anywhere – like a parking space – and in any number.

They become a part of each community, creating a revenue stream for the host and jobs for nearby residents. And finally, they are mobile. Markets can shift, land-use guidelines can change, property can change ownership - we have to control risk.

The future of produce is flexible, all-year-round, and incredibly local. Like a farm outside your window.
Icon of fork and knife around fruit
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